Family Law

Dealing with Good and Bad Times

 Family law is a term that includes a wide range of issues and cases.  Family law topics typically include any number of the following issues; child abuse, establishing paternity, adoption, marriage, divorce, annulment, custody, premarital agreements, orders of protection, termination of parental rights, Department of Children Services (DCS) suits and investigations, and many others.  Often times divorce, because it is a relatively complex issue on its own, is considered its own separate topic.  Feel free to check back soon for our divorce specific page.

Family law issues could play out in many different courts, a DCS case could be heard in juvenile court, an adoption in Chancery, a stalking charge in Criminal Court, back to juvenile court for a truancy charge and so on.  Family law essentially refers to issues that arise out of family members interacting that cannot be resolved without a legal decision or intervention. 

Some family law topics are happy occasions.  A couple adopting a child to start their family is typically a very happy occasion.  However, another couple could be going through a divorce, or loosing their rights to their child.  Whether a happy time, a sad time or a time of hurting, there's no need to feel embarrassed to ask for help for you or your family.  Family law is often emotional and stressful even for the happiest of cases.  Inviting others into the family to fix a problem often feels uncomfortable and stressful.  However, the best way to fix a problem is to address it.  Problems don't often go away on their own, in fact they often get worse.  Asking for help, while uncomfortable, is often the first step to healing your family. 


Common family law topics



Child Abuse

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